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Benefits of Licensing the Revolution 400™

  • Reduce your engineering design schedule by 2 to3 years (faster to market and faster to break-even). Assemble and commission your first prototype in less than 12 months!
  • Reduce the engineering design cost by US$ 4 to US$ 6 million
  • Options include building turn-key projects, selling complete wind turbine systems to third parties, and selling wind turbine components
  • Potentially benefit from exclusivity within a nation and/or region
  • Gain supply chain start-up support, including a master list of suppliers and initial support developing a localized supply chain
  • Obtain a fully-prepared Quality Management System (QMS) per ISO 9000:2000 as well as certification support
  • Receive prototype assembly and commissioning support (both factory and field)
  • Manufacturing start-up support includes hands-on assembly training for the first series production run
  • Continental's extensive training program includes Wind Energy 101, Factory Assembly & Testing, Quality Management System, Field Assembly & Commissioning, and Operations & Maintenance components

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