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Why License The Revolution 400™?

Licensing the Revolution 400™ immediately puts the latest technology into your hands, at a lower manufacturing start-up cost. Use this advantage to save 2 to 3 years of design time to get into production quickly and supply the growing demand for community-sized wind turbines.

  • Sized for power users – a growing market
  • Certified to Germanischer-Lloyd (GL) and IEC rules
  • Based on state-of-the-art, proven technologies
  • Incorporates advanced component designs with high safety margins
  • High reliability using the latest technologies
  • A mid-size wind turbine to add to your existing design portfolio
  • Lower manufacturing start-up capital costs and faster to production
  • Sized for easier, faster, and less costly field installation
  • Ideal for sites with low annual wind speed averages
  • Suitable for sites that have limited access for large cranes
  • Customized for international markets (50/60 Hertz)
  • Industry-leading SCADA system and software included
  • Much lower maintenance cost than larger turbines
  • Low mean-time, return-to-service (MTRS) factor Best-in-class mean time between failures (MTBF)

Revolution 360

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