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The Revolution 400™


The Revolution 400

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The Revolution 400™ is a 400 kW up-wind, horizontal-axis wind turbine with three rotor blades. The rotor diameter is 42 meters. The machine head, including the gearbox and generator, is installed on a tubular steel tower with a hub height of 39 or 55 meters.

The Revolution 400™ is a full-span, variable-pitch turbine that utilizes an electromechanical pitch system to reduce loads above rated wind speeds and to provide aerodynamic braking.

The yaw system, consisting of a single-row ball bearing and three electric planetary-gear yaw drives, precisely positions the rotor with respect to the wind direction.

The drivetrain utilizes a main shaft supported by two main bearings, and is mounted to a cast ductile iron mainframe. The spur gearbox, variable speed generator, controller, and converter are also mounted to the mainframe.

The Revolution 400™ is capable of operating in IEC Class III-A wind conditions, and operates within a temperature range of -20º C to +50º C.

Rated power output is 400 kW, with a cut-in wind speed of 3 m/s and cut-out wind speed of 25 m/s.